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Here's an assortment of commissioned graphic design samples for various projects. Utilizing a
keen sensibility that includes urban flavors enables me to remain tasteful, current and progressive.

Want to Hire Me?

I would really love to work with you. No unpaid or spec illustration work. We artist need to eat too.

Graphic Illustration

I am available for all kinds of graphic illustration work, from CD covers, magazine interiors, ads,
book covers, picture books, graphic novels to apparel graphics and accessories. Prices depend on
job and usage. Note that, except for special circumstances, I retain the rights to my illustrations.


Perhaps you see a work of art that you’d like to use on your merchandise or in your publication.
Drop me a line and we can discuss fees. Whatever the project, I can work within your budget.


Need a logo for your product or business? Over several years I've worked on lots of graphic
design projects, so I'm able to combine illustrative and graphic design sensibilities when I create logos.
Send me a quick email and I will show you how it all works.
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